Saturday, May 13, 2017

good and bad cat stuff

I've had a foster cat for the last few months -- Ivan -- who is recovering from an injured leg and has been teaching my very undersocialized pair to be more outgoing.  I noticed the other day that when he stretches out, he has prairie points!  

And some sad news...  sweet kitty Lucy had some sort of growth in her mouth that turned out to be untreatable and spreading; we had to make the horrible decision to let her go yesterday rather than putting us all through more trauma.  Linus will miss his favorite companion but has bonded well with Ivan -- who will now become a permanent resident here.

scrappy greenery

I have been spending more time with pink fabric than green, lately, but I did manage to scrape together a few things for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

The snail is from the Garden Snails Quilt pattern, available from Craftsy.