Saturday, December 31, 2016

part of a rainbow

It's the last day of this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I decided I'd better get my act together and finish one of the tops I started...  the rest are just little piles of blocks.

Edited to add: the top is all put together now, except a white border all the way around!  The pinks look a bit orange in the photo,and I could have spent more time arranging the colors...  but I try not to obsess too much.

This top is nearly done.  I didn't make it all the way through the rainbow, but it's big enough for me. The fabrics are almost all from the set of  Vicki Welsh's hand-dyes.

I just need to make one more butterfly for the space above the green fox (because the first one came out way too small for some reason!), and then add a few strips for fill-ins and sashing. I'm planning to finish it up this afternoon. Since the new butterfly will be purple, maybe I can make that count for January, too?