Wednesday, November 02, 2016

mad bunny?

A while back I posted a photo of a bunny block for my "Fancy Forest Rainbow Scrap Challenge" project -- I said I didn't really like the bunny because it looked sort of menacing...  or maybe just alarmed?

I pulled out the project to finish up last week, and along with a bunch of other blocks, I decided I needed one more bunny.   When I made the new block and put it up on the wall, I realized something didn't look right...  on the first block, I had placed the nose & mouth upside down -- the bunny should actually look like this:

NOW it looks like a mild-mannered fellow and so much better!


Jo said...

Yes, it does make him look better

Christa said...

This is so funny. Thanks for sharing.

Northern Deb said...

I just ordered this pattern. I saw your quilt and just had to do one. Thank you gor the heads up with bunny!