Sunday, November 27, 2016

it's that Cotton Robin thing again!

The weather has changed to "sweater" so it must be time to start up a new round of the Cotton Robin...

See this post from last year for basic rules, and send a comment or email me if you want to join in. The more, the merrier, right?  This year's official announcement is here and last year's Big Reveal is here.

If you've participated in the past and want to invite a friend or two with some quilting skills, please do.  Having said that, of course we're trying to avoid quality control issues!  It is expected that you can cut and stitch a straight line (if you're making something that requires straight lines!) and have familiarity with the various parts of making a quilt... 

And, I can't let you go without a few recent pictures of Lucy and Linus:

 Linus in his favorite spot -- the bucket that he barely fits into
 Lucy watching the world through the porthole
Lucy's on top this time -- an unusual occurrence!