Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I bought this super-cute Moda panel (Thicket, by Gingiber) to make a quick baby quilt for a sort-of relative (step-sister-in-law's ex-husband's new wife's baby!)

 I soaked it in warm water for a minute or two and then tossed it in the dryer with some other laundry -- and it color-transferred all over itself! You can see owl feathers in the space that's supposed to be blank. 

I have never had any luck getting this kind of thing clean, but maybe there's a process I don't know about?    (I'm going to zigzag the edges so they don't shred, and try washing it once with a color catcher -- but please, please let me know if you have other ideas about how to fix this.



Sue H said...

Vicki Welsh has done some testing and a helpful article on color bleed:

Anonymous said...

I have some Synthrapol and dye fixative if you want to try it.