Thursday, May 26, 2016

catching up

Here it is with another month nearly gone and no blog posts!  I do have a few finished/nearly finished items to report, though...

A couple of knitted things -- I finished my Hitofude cardigan, which I love

And a pair of "My Cup of Tea" socks made with Miss Babs' Tarte  ( I call them "Green Tea")

On the fabric side, there are two tops done.
The first is an older Atkinson Designs pattern called Fire Escape that I bought about 10 years ago and finally decided to make from some stashed batiks. It was a quick project and I think it's pretty effective.

The second is a pattern by Kim Brackett called Island Chain.  The fabric is a FQ bundle of Anna Maria Horner's "Fibs and Fables" that I won in a give-away late last year from Intrepid Thread and Red Pepper Quilts.  To be honest, the prints were mostly not the sort of thing I would ever choose off the shelf, but I think it came together pretty well.  I have about half of each FQ left and if the pieces don't get sewn together for the quilt back, then they'll be the subject of a give-away one of these days.

And, here's an update on the Jeremiah and Lucy!  They are still shy, but are starting to act like cats.  Lucy is much the braver of the two, and spends most of her time out in the open now -- although she'll still saunter away about half the time when approached (or run away if it's my husband approaching). Jeremiah (whose name might change but we can't make up our minds) will come out of his safe spot more often, but always runs back when approached. When he's in his cubby, though, he loves having his belly rubbed and purrs up a storm.

Jeremiah in his Ikea cubby -- now covered in cat hair...

I can't believe I bought a piece of furniture for the cats!  They love it...

Lucy has discovered the sofa -- but won't let me sit on it when she's there!


Libby Fife said...

Good finishes! Love the socks:)

My cats are sort of like this too. It's their personalities coming out I think. Cassie wants to sit next to you but no petting. Maddie likes to be petted but only on the bed. They have gotten much better though since they came to live with us. So, be patient. Things will continue to improve:)

Tie Dye Queen said...

Hello from Sue Pittman, to whom you gifted your sox blocks a few years back. I'd like to send you pictures of the finished quilt, if I had an updated email address.