Friday, February 26, 2016

Knitted Things

 It's February, so that means birthday sweaters for the grand niece & nephew -- they're 4 this year!  (Easy to remember, since they were born on my birthday, and it was a round number that year)

First up is Bane's Skull & Crossbones sweater.  He's usually ambivalent about the sweaters I make, but this one was definitely a hit!  Pattern is on Ravelry here.

Mia was not as thrilled this year -- she put the sweater on and said "it's too big" and immediately wanted it off!  Actually, I think it's pretty much a perfect fit...  but she's 4.  The pattern is called Skinny Cotton Pullover, and it was quick and easy construction.

And -- a bit of background for this one.  My sister lives in Tasmania and raises pigs, among other things.  So when I saw this kit at Morehouse Farms for an Oink Scarf, I had to make it as a gift for her!  The 300 rounds of stockinette were boring,but I love the details -- 

I'm off to Empty Spools soon for a workshop with Susan Carlson and some sea air...

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