Saturday, January 23, 2016

alive and well...

But really falling out of the blogging habit... 

I figured the least I could do -- and it may end up mostly being a way to keep track of things for myself -- is to post photos of finished projects.

Right now, much to my surprise, I have 3 babies needing quilts.  One showed up a few weeks early, but the others are still to come.  I decided to quilt up some of the many tops I've stacked up (to create room for more) and here are the first two.

This one was my first real foray into solids; it's a pattern called "Dash in the Box" by A Quilter's Dream.  I hated making it --  the fabrics (mostly Kona Cottons, as I recall) were really shreddy and it seemed to be impossible to get anything sewn in a straight line.  You will see it the boxes are definitely wonky... but I've ended up liking the finished quilt.

The second one is a made-up pattern that used up a little packet of batik squares I'd had forever -- they have dragonflies on them.  The color in this photo is a bit bluer than reality.
 This is better color -- a close-up of one block.
I'm hoping for lots more to come soon -- more quilts as well as some knitting projects that will be gifted in February.

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Barbara C said...

Both projects are lovely. The first design is so modern and dynamic looking, too bad it wasn't so enjoyable to make.

I can't decide what to do about blogging myself. Comments have really fallen off on my blog, so for now, like you, I'm thinking I'm really writing for myself--not a bad thing, as I like having the record to look back on.