Saturday, August 15, 2015

I've been inked!

Well, not in the sense of getting a tattoo...  I'm just not quite in that frame of mind!

But I did receive my bundle of "Inked" by Lynn Krawczyk -- just look at these lovely prints:

I'm ready to get the quilt-along going, and my plan is to do a medallion-style quilt.  I recently won a copy of The Modern Medallion Workbook (Janice Zeller Ryan and Beth Vassalo) which has lots of inspiration, but I also found a couple of older books on my shelf that have great border ideas: 60 Pieced Quilt Borders (Judy Laquidara) and The Border Workbook (Janet Kime)

Here's a little medallion quilt I made from a box of scraps a few years ago -- it's still one of my favorites: "Yello Kitty!"

So -- the "rules" for the quilt-along will be very simple:
- I set up a facebook group: "inked quilt-along" -- just ask to join and I'll let you in.
- you don't have to use the Inked fabric (although that's what sparked this)
- everything you do can be whatever size you want to make it
- you don't have to mail anything to anyone
- make a center block, or a center piece of some kind and post a photo
- then add borders and post photos as you go along
- that's it!

I'm planning on 2-4 weeks for each step, for my own schedule. If you want to work faster or slower, it's up to you!  I'll start posting encouraging words once there are a few participants.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Crazy Hearts

Finally, a finished quilt --  I started this ages ago, from a Buggy Barn pattern, and tomorrow it will be gifted to a friend's daughter who is off to Harvard (!) next weekend.

I learned a couple of things while working on this...

First of all, I used Quilter's Dream wool batting and I'll probably never buy another one. It is all soft and squishy -- a good thing. But it varied in thickness so much from one side to the other that it felt like two different products.  It was literally twice as thick in some parts, which made it a bit difficult to work with, and what's up with that, anyway?   If I hadn't been on a deadline to get this done, I would have gone to Plan B. The wool also sheds a lot and reminded me of working with old polyester batting. 

The other thing I learned was a New Trick!  After I quilted the top, I decided that it wasn't big enough.  I googled "add border to finished quilt" and found a terrific tutorial for how to do just that.  It's here.  Basically it's a quilt-as-you-go technique.  It takes a bit of finesse (which I didn't have...) to get the borders straight and flat, but I'm pleased with the result, and I think Soraya will appreciate the extra 5" of quilt on each border when it comes to staying warm this winter!