Friday, July 24, 2015

Inked Quilt-along?

I've succumbed to MassDrop's offering of a FQ set of Inked by Lynn Krawczyk --here's a picture:
I just love the colors and textures!   I don't usually buy FQs, and it's really rare that I want to own a whole line of fabric... but with a little nudging from Terri and others, I signed up!

And then I started thinking that I don't want to have these sit in the cupboard forever and so Terri and I chatted a bit about a quilt-along... and you're invited!

We haven't figured out  yet whether it's going to be a do-whatever-you-want thing, or something more structured. One idea I have is to make a medallion quilt -- sort of a do-it-yourself round robin.

Post a note if you might be interested -- even if you decide to use different fabrics -- and/or if you have ideas for a quilt-along project.

p.s. if you're not familiar with MassDrop, here's the website:
They have a "quilting community" that's very active, and they come up with some enticing "deals" from time to time...


sophie said...

Oooh, you temptress. I love that bundle ... but have another one I couldn't resist from Massdrop that I may use in stead ... if I can get it together and get my quilting and other stuff in order in time to play along.

Sue H said...

oooooh, I'm familiar with Massdrop. It's all too tempting! I'll follow along and see what you do for a quilt-along. Maybe it will work for me!