Saturday, January 31, 2015

blog feed question...

Is anyone out there using Feedly to read my blog?  Is it working?  Are you using another feed service that you really like?

I've discovered that Feedly is arbitrarily "dropping" some of the blogs I subscribe to -- for instance, it never fed me my post from last night!  A spot check found several other blogs I subscribe to where recent posts hadn't been included in my feed. 

Pretty annoying -- since the purpose of using Feedly is to NOT have to go and look at each blog individually to see if there's something new!  I've sent them an email to ask about it... although I have to say I'm not expecting much.

Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm still here...

It's been a while --   I suppose I could blame my long silence on the cotton robin, but that would be disingenuous... so -- no excuses!

Here's a random sampling of things I've been messing with in the last month or so:

 First up -- the first sweater I've made in ages that I really like! The basic pattern, "Humboldt", came from an issue of KnitScene magazine, but then I translated it into a "Custom Fit" pattern using my own measurements.  If you haven't checked out Amy Herzog's Custom Fit program, it's well worth it in my opinion! The yarn on this is Cascade 200 Sport.
 This is a top I've been working on for quite a while -- the pattern came from an issue of Quilty magazine.  I'm not happy with my sewing... if you look at the bottom you'll see that the columns all skew to the right.  Not sure how my seam allowances got far enough "off" to make this happen, but one of these days I will do a bit of ripping and see if I can get things to straighten out.  Since it's the kind of design that will probably hang on a wall at least some of the time, I think it needs to be better.
This was a stash-buster, using a bunch of cherry-print fabrics I had collected for some reason.  The pattern was, again, from an issue of Quilty magazine, which seems to be full of great ideas for quick but effective projects.

I don't think I showed these next two since they were finished -- apologies if I did already!

This was made for the scrappy rainbow challenge a couple of years ago, and I call it "Knot a Rainbow".  It was beautifully quilted by Tami Levin at The Quilted Lemon, using a modern serpentine design.

The next quilt is Elephant Parade. The blocks came from a birthday block swap several years ago.  This one was also quilted by Tami Levin, this time with a beautiful paisley pattern that you can see in the detail photo.

Next time -- the birthday sweaters for the twins (niece and nephew), who will be 3 in a couple of weeks; and maybe a couple of fabric-y finishes.