Friday, May 30, 2014


This is the last evening of my retreat in the mountains -- it's been a lot of fun, and insanely productive!  I think I've done about 2 months worth of sewing in a week...

Here's a new almost-done top -- most of the Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks came from a birthday swap in
 2012; I found the layout in the "layout library" in Electric Quilt and then made 5 more blocks to make it all work.  It is eventually going to get a sawtooth border, but I want to sketch it out first to see how it will fit in.
 Do you remember what my box of 2 1/2" squares looked like before?  This it how it looks today; I've used up a ton of them, and plan to keep playing with them this evening to see how much more of a dent I can make in the yellow/blue/green/purple stacks.
 And what have I been doing with the squares? Making these 9-21-49 patch segments for what I think might become a new quilt for my bed. If you enlarge the photo, you'll see there's quite a variety of color within the blue and purple sections especially, but I love the way it all seems to come together.


sophie said...

Earlier today, I was thinking about binge-quilting and how it always is a good thing. I have never seen a setting like the one you used for your birthday blocks and those squares are really getting really interesting, too. It sounds like a great retreat!

Barbara C said...

What a productive retreat. Both pieces are great. I find I need large expanses of time to get projects done as well.