Friday, April 11, 2014

Kate posted recently about her history with the Block Lotto, which prompted me to go back through the archives and count up how long I've been participating and how many times I've won blocks...its actually a pretty good record!

I'm pretty sure that the first blocks I made were in January 2007 -- so I'm in my 8th year.  And I've won 8 times. Here are a few pictures for old times' sake...

This was my first block and first win -- the double 4-patch, made in matching sets.  This quilt went to a local women's and children's shelter.

This was possibly my favorite win -- the Amish houses. The quilt is called "Spencer's Village, and it was gifted to one of my nephews
This block is called "Thrifty" -- not sure why! I used my winnings to make a "weighted quilt" for a young niece with a variety of disabilities, after reading that the weight (about 5 pounds, achieved with poly pellets) can have a calming effect and promote better sleep. In fact, she still sleeps with this 5 years later!

The free-style trees are another favorite.  I won these blocks in December, 2010 but the quilt has just gone to be quilted in the last month.

 I won so many tic-tac-toe blocks in January 2010 that I was able to make two quilts -- these ended up going to my twin grand-niece and nephew when they were born in 2012.

Last but not least, another pair of quilts were made from liberated checkerboard blocks that I won in 2011. One was gifted to a friend's new daughter, and the other to a children's charity drive.

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane -- and do check out the Block Lotto! It's a great way to use stash, try new things, and test your luck.

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Kate North said...

Fun to see those - glad to be the prompt for it. I still really love Spencer's Village - great quilt. (not that the others aren't, but you know what I mean!)