Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's March

And way too long since my last post!  
In February, I celebrated the 2nd birthday of my twin niece&nephew (along with my own) and made each of them another sweater.  Bane is wearing "Biker Boy" and Mia has a lace-front cardigan.  Both a little bit big, this time -- so I'm hoping they'll fit for a while!

Then my sister and I went off to Empty Spools at Asilomar for a workshop with Sue Benner.  I didn't know anything about her beforehand, but ended up loving the week and her work.  

 The class was all about different ways to use fusing, and this was the first project. It still needs to be quilted, of course.  Everything gets fused directly onto a "quilt canvas" that is backing and batting already fused together, so it's very stable.

We shared a table with two fabulous new friends from Boise -- here's what things looked like by the last afternoon of class!

I'll have more pictures of Asilomar projects, and a couple of new knitted things, as soon as I get myself organized...

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Barbara C said...

Beautiful sweaters for the cuties. That quilt constructions sounds fascinating, I look forward to hearing more.