Friday, February 28, 2014


A crisp, lovely winter afternoon in Seattle! Hard to believe it's supposed to snow tomorrow...

Sent from "Cupcake Royale" in Ballard, home of very tasty salted caramel cupcakes among others.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday Morning

Northern California is finally having normal winter weather -- gray and rainy --
after months of dryness and predictions of terrible drought.  Of course we haven't had enough rain yet to overturn the predictions, but at lease the hills are beginning to green up a bit. And, it's sufficiently gloomy out there to make spending the day with a good book or some knitting the best plan!

I was inspired by Suzanne to pick up the camera and go after Bucky, but he wasn't feeling very photogenic or amusing this morning.  This is his basic "meatloaf" position, otherwise known as "pretend I'm not here". 

And this is a quick shot of the sewing AKA guest room -- just to prove to Catherine that I did get it all cleaned up for my sister!  There's even a vase of flowers on the sewing table...

Saturday, February 08, 2014

two small finishes

As an antidote to the monstrosity in my last post, here are a couple of small finished items that I might have shown "in process" a while back.

First is a little round robin using a kit from African Folklore Embroidery as the center.

And the second is "six characters in search of an author", made from fabric I silk-screened and stamped in a workshop with Rayna Gillman last year.


what was I thinking?

I did a major excavation in the sewing room closet last night, trying to create some room to put things away so that the room can be a guest room my sister can use when she's visiting from Tasmania soon.  In addition to a ridiculous mound of batting scraps, I found this monstrosity:
Seriously, I don't remember this at all.  I recall having all of those fabrics, but what on earth was I trying to make with them? 

It doesn't look any better if I turn it upside down: