Saturday, December 21, 2013

knitting fool

I've been a slug about sewing lately (although that hasn't stopped me from doing a little stash enhancement...)  but I have been knitting up a storm!  Here are a bunch of recent finishes...

 First, another pair of socks.  The are plain vanilla, using Susan B. Anderson's "How I make My Socks" recipe.  The yarn is a Regia "Mosaic" that I bought in London a few years ago.

Next a sweater that I thought I would love, but I don't. The yarn (Lavold's Silky Wool) may be nice for shawls, but I hated the way it looked after blocking -- seemed to grow in all directions -- so I have since put it through the washer and drier at low temperature in an attempt to shrink it back down.  At this point, it all fits pretty well except that the shoulders are huge... and I have broad shoulders! The pattern is also by Lavold, called "Tilia".  Bummer.
Next up, two Pointy Elf Hats for my great-niece and nephew. This is Cascade Jewel Hand-dye, which was great to work with. The pattern was super quick, too.

And last but not least, I'm working ahead for the twins' second birthday in February. This is Mia's sweater, just needing a light blocking and the buttons sewn on.

I have several days off in the near future -- hoping to tidy up the sewing space and actually make some progress on a few fabric projects.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2014 Cotton Robin?

Calling all Robineers!  

Maybe it's just the cold weather, but I've been thinking about starting up a new round of the Cotton Robin and I'm wondering who might want to join in for the 2014 event?  We would probably have the first block due around February 1 or so...

"Rules" will be pretty much the same, I think, but I'm happy to listen to suggestions. New players are welcome if they have some swapping history and enough experience to work without a pattern!

Details and the 2013 "reveal" can be found at