Friday, November 01, 2013


No excuses for the month-long silence here... I've been watching too much reality TV and trying not to spend a lot of time on the computer at home after being on the computer so much at work.  I have been making things, though!

Last time I posted a picture of the first checkerboard quilt I made from Block Lotto winnings, and promised to finish the second one.  Here it is, already gifted to a new baby girl:

 On the knitting side of things, several finished object to show you.  First is a pair of socks made from Lisa Souza's "Appaloosa" yarn -- part of the sales price went to a wild-horse-rescue organization:

Next, an oddball sweater that I started about 7 years ago. The yoke was originally meant to be patchwork, per the pattern in an old "InKnitter" magazine, and I had all the blocks made but just couldn't "see it" so I used a plain piece of batik.
For some reason I made the sleeves way too short -- hence the big cuffs.  I have plenty of yarn left, so one of these cold evenings I'm going to extend the knitting and maybe get rid of the fabric cuffs altogether.

I didn't want to let the patchwork blocks from the yoke get any "moldier" than they already were, so I designed a setting and whipped up this little quilt -- it measures about 41" square:

That's enough for now -- I'll be back with a couple of other projects and some favorite photos from PIQF before too long!