Saturday, August 31, 2013

a better feather, and other stuff

I did a little yarn shopping yesterday and then power-knit through three episodes of "Orange is the New Black" (I am SO hooked on that show -- only three more to go!) So now I have a feather that will actually turn into a shawl:

The background is Cascade Heritage Silk, which is lovely to knit with, and the feather is Viking Nordys, which has a little more "halo" than I really wanted but has a nice feel to it.  I've got the hang of the short rows (and with the Cascade I can actually see where they are...) so it's looking a lot better!

In other news, I put together a little tote last week from a Quilter's Dream pattern called "Santa Barbara".  I wish I'd paid attention to the size description before starting out, or I would have made it just a little bigger -- but I'm quite happy with it.

 Finally, you haven't seen Bucky for a while so I thought it was time for an update: He's old and cranky.  Looks like one of those geezers whose butt has gotten thin and his pants are too big!  This morning the bed was made (more or less) and there was a magazine in the middle waiting to be put away.  The whole expanse of bed, but...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Finally, a feather

After knitting and ripping for nearly a week, I finally finished my first feather for the dreambird shawl.  I don't really like anything about it!  The black lace yarn is splitty and hard to knit with. Maybe my eyes are just too old for black yarn?  And the Noro sock yarn is just crazy -- it varies from the thickness of DK-weight to the thickness of a single sewing thread, which makes me wonder whether the shawl will just disintegrate at some point in the not-too-distant future.

And the lengthy instructions are bizarre!  Thankfully, someone condensed it all down into a simple list of the 70 rows for each feather, and then Denise posted her idea for a chart -- that ended up saving me!

So... now that I feel like I understand the process, I guess I have to go find some yarn that will make it all worthwhile...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Day with Rayna

 Sad to say, I had never actually heard of Rayna Gillman before a month ago... but when my guild advertised a workshop with her to transform fabrics that we didn't like or just weren't excited by, I had to sign up!  I have a few of those in my cupboard.

 I had never used a silkscreen before, had some rubbing plates but didn't really know what to do with them, and decided a day getting dirty might be fun.  And it was, aside from my back hurting after standing on a hard floor for 6 hours!

 Here are my results -- the techniques include silkscreen, stencils, stamping, rubbing plates and other textures.  I already have plans for projects with a couple of these.


 If you have a chance to take a class with Rayna, I highly recommend it!  She's informative and instructive without being domineering about "the one right way to do it" as some teachers are.

The Dreambird Knit-along

Judy is hosting a Deambird Shawl Knit-along over at Patchwork Times, and I've decided to join.  I made one test feather out of scrap yarn, and then started my "real" shawl last night.  It went fine for a while but I was probably knitting past my bedtime 'cause I goofed up somewhere and tinked most of it this morning...  The instructions are a bit daunting the first couple of times, and my yarn tangles like crazy!

Here is a picture of my inspiration shawl (I DID NOT MAKE THIS ONE! It's by "CrochetKnitLady" on Ravelry)

and here is the yarn I'm using: Noro Kureyon Sock and Cascade Alpaca Lace

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

This is most of my spam email for that 24 hours (I deleted the stock alerts and the sunglasses ads)

Here are a few tips for the spammers:
 - I do not need any of the drugs you're advertising
 - I do not have a penis
 - I'm not into watches and wear one as rarely as possible
 - I'm happily married to a man

"Could See Monster Rally Soon" -- is that a stock market rally, an erection, or something to do with big trucks?  I'm not going to find out...

Friday, August 09, 2013

something new...

My sister is a glass artist, among other things, and has gifted us with several amazing plates over the last few years.  So when I came upon a "groupon" deal for an introductory glass fusing class I decided to give it a try just to better understand what she was doing.  

The class was a week ago.  We cut and assembled our projects
and then the staff would fire it twice in the kiln for us over the next few days. I went by the studio this morning to pick up my plate...

Not perfect (damn, those triangles are hard to cut freehand!) but fun.  Now I'm eligible to go and use their "open studio" so next time my sis is up visiting we might just have to go and play a bit.