Friday, April 19, 2013

for the birds

I think I've dropped off the face of the blogosphere lately -- not sure why, exactly!  Not much sewing, little to say, I guess... 

I've been plugging away at my day job, and doing some freelance technical editing on the side for a craft-book publisher. It's fun, and I thought it would be pretty much a piece of cake given what a stickler I am for proper instructions and all... but holy cow! it's a workout!  Every time I re-read something I find things to tweak, and then the second editor and the copy editor and the production editor  all have comments, too! I haven't had any prior experience in the publishing world before, and was surprised to find out how long it takes a book to go from idea to publication, and how many people are involved in the process.  I'm working on my third book now -- the first is due to be in the stores in June, and I'm sworn to secrecy until then.  I will say there are some cool patterns in it, though!

The little sewing I've done recently was this:

You still have a few days to get in on this month's block lotto -- but fair warning: I am definitely going to win a set of these birds this month! (and if for some reason I don't win -- but I WILL! -- then I foresee a marathon bird-making session in the sewing room sometime soon.