Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the demise of google reader

it really frosts me that google is pulling the plug on something used by a ton of people, that probably is costing them next to nothing to maintain (in the grand, google scheme of things), and for which there doesn't seem to be any substitute that works as well...   I want a service that keeps track of what I've read from one computer/tablet/phone to another!

so I'm trying out a couple of the options.  Bloglovin' (stupid name) which I haven't really gotten past first base with, requires me to post this in order to "claim my blog" but I don't really understand why:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
And I'm concerned that they seem to want to send me an email every time someone publishes a new post on their blog -- just what I need is more email!

Feedly (another stupid name) was easy to sign up for but I don't really like the way it presents things -- it has a list called "featured blogs" but I haven't figured out what that means and where are the rest of my blogs if they're not "featured"?

Bloglines -- I think that what I used before google -- for some reason does not support blogs anymore, despite their name.

If you've tried another service that you like, or  if you can explain the mysteries of any of the ones I've mentioned, please write!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

not just for quilts...

Patchwork -- it's not just for quilts!

Last fall I ran across a small, crafty store that had adorable bathrobes made from multiple cotton prints. Cool idea! and something I could "borrow" to use up some of the small stash of flannels on my shelf.

Of course I ended up buying a couple of additional pieces... but I did use some from the shelf as well, honest.  The inspiration robe was a different style with a round collar and buttons, as I recall, but always preferred robe that wrap. These are not at all my usual colors, but I'm enjoying it!
This next piece is from a birthday block swap from my tiny yahoo group -- currently only 5 members! The block is "midnight moths" from quilters' cache. I hope to get it quilted up this weekend and hang it in the sewing room.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks... my sister was visiting from Tasmania -- that's my excuse!  Very little sewing but a lot of knitting and bad television.  ("The IT Crowd" from Netflix, for instance -- hilarious!)

Here's a potpourri of projects I've finished up recently:

First up is round one of the Cotton Robin.  I've blocked out the center square to preserve the secrecy of the project -- it's going in the mail tomorrow to have another border added, and I'll start playing with the next round myself.
 I started these socks months ago -- they're called "Chain Drive" and I found the pattern and the yarn a bit boring. I was halfway through the second sock a couple of days before my sister was to leave, and she decided she liked them, so I knit like a madwoman to finish them up in time. Looks like they need a good blocking...
 One of my little local quilt groups did a 12" quilt swap recently and this was the one I made -- it's the God's Eye block from Quilters' Cache -- going back to my Berkeley in the 70's hippie roots, I guess -- and I think I need to make one for myself now.
 And more yarn stuff! Around Thanksgiving, I decided to make sweaters for the great niece and nephew, and found this cute "Jelli Beenz" yarn at a shop in Pacific Grove. Mia's sweater was mostly done by Christmas, but not quite.  I finished it in time for her birthday, and then whipped up Bane's blue sweater within a week.  That's DH Al providing the lap.

Last but not least, my first UFO finish of the year (pathetic, really...) is a table runner made from a Moda Martinique charm back, fashioned after this Bella table runner I ran across.

 More quilty content soon!