Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a year later...

I don't know about this tradition of giving cake to babies on their first birthday... but it seems to be alive and well!  My great-niece and nephew got to try it out this evening.

 Mia was slow to warm up to the idea, but Bane got into it right away...

And this is what they ended up looking like before getting whisked off to the bathtub. 

 I'm glad I didn't have to stick around for the clean-up phase of the festivities...

Thursday, February 07, 2013

My Insomnia

I am on my almost-annual work trip in Europe and its a banner year for jet-lag!  Here's my sleeping schedule so far:

Saturday night flight from San Francisco to Munich: 11 hour flight and about 3 hours of sleep

Monday night: London, about 3 hours of sleep

Tuesday night: about 4 hours of sleep

Wednesday night: no meetings the next day, so I decided to go to bed (around midnight) and not set the alarm -- I woke up at 12:15 Thursday afternoon!  12 hours

Thursday night: it is 4:39 a.m. And I have been wide awake all night. Grrrrrr...

 I fly home tomorrow --

(the upside of this is that I've caught up with my huge backlog of google reader posts)