Monday, January 28, 2013

my friend flicker

There's been little sewing of substance going on here lately -- not sure why -- but I have been watching the local birds with some regularity!  Across the street, my neighbors have a couple of very tall thin redwood trees behind their house, and I occasionally see a flicker or two up near the top.  Last weekend, though, I looked out to see this one munching on the leftover apples in front of their house in the company of a variety of other, smaller birds. This is a Northern Flicker -- quite big and very beautiful!

Other than that, I've spent time arranging and rearranging (ad nauseum) these Canyon Dance blocks.  Here is the most recent iteration.  Every time I go back and stare at it for a while, I discover that all the lightest blocks are on one side, or all the medium teal is in one row, or...   and then I have to start messing with them again!  I can't decide whether I want to create some "effect" with the color or value, or go for a more random approach.  Now that I look at the latest photo, I don't like it!  Must go charge up the camera batteries so I can do some more rearranging.