Sunday, December 09, 2012

Can I have another couple of days to this weekend?

What a nice weekend -- if only it were a little longer!  I've been on a roll with some sewing and I just want to finish up a couple more things...

I indulged in a little retail therapy last week, at Terri's Cyber-Holiday sale. She sells a nice selection of fabric and the prices right now are very attractive.  I picked out 5 that I liked and then challenged her to pick out two more to add to the mix -- partly because it's hard to evaluate the larger prints from a computer screen, and partly because I love surprises!

My choices were the 5 to the left side of the photo, and Terri added the two on the right. They're definitely going to add some pizzazz to my project (as soon as I figure out what it is)

I finished my November UFO challenge, which was to put together the blocks from a row robin in 2010 or so.  I was a bit disappointed that one person's set of blocks were quite wonky and she had cut off almost all the leaf points... but now that it's together I sort of like it.

I had a tiny mishap with the rotary cutter, though.  I had the quilt top folded in half and measured the border strip by folding it in half and laying over the quilt top and then cutting to size...  note to self: when you do this, make sure that you are using the rotary cutter on the open edges rather than the folded edge. You can see the tiny sliver I cut from the middle of a leaf!    I patched it with a tiny bit of similar batik and some mistyfuse and from a galloping horse it will never be noticed.

Finally, I also finished my Canyon Dance blocks.  They've been up on the wall for a week and hubby and I have been endlessly rearranging them.  This is one iteration, but I think a few have since been moved.


Libby Fife said...

That canyon dance piece is fantastic! And from a galloping horse? Love that expression and true, no one will notice, believe me. I'd like to have a longer weekend also. Can you let me know who to speak to???LOL!

jovaliquilts said...

Love the crayon dance blocks!

imquilternity said...

You are too funny. Both quilts are beautiful but I can see where it would be fun to play with re-arranging the Canyon Dance.

Thanks for mentioning the shop in your post and I hope you are happy with your two surprises! You know that I'm going to go "wild" or maybe a better expression would be "loud" when I get the chance.