Friday, November 09, 2012

Three Down...

I am working on a couple of new things, but I decided to pause for a few minutes and finish up some easy projects before going further. So far there are three little finishes, and a couple more should follow soon-ish.

I won a big set of tic tac toe blocks in the block lotto some time ago, enough for two quilts.  The first one was done last year and used up the pink-red-orange part of the rainbow, and the second one in blues and greens just got finished. I'm thinking these might go as a set to my great niece/nephew for their first birthday next February.

And, when I started the 2012 rainbow scrap challenge, I thought I was going to make one baby quilt per month in the requisite color... I made it through three months, and I really want to finish the quilts and give them away before the holidays.  The first one done is "Pink".

"Green" just needs the binding sewn down, and "Red" still needs to be quilted.

Finally, decided to make a couple of table runners from a Martinique charm pack that was a birthday gift from Kate a couple of years ago. This skinny runner is for the top of my dining room cabinet, and shows off my small collection of pears and rhinoceroses.  There's a wider runner for my table that still needs quilting -- and now we're talking about painting the room, so I need to pick a color that goes with Martinique!

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Kate North said...

Looks nice - and I'll be interested to see what colour you choose to paint the room. Also, how much do I love that you have a collection of pears AND rhinoceroses. :)