Wednesday, November 28, 2012

alive and well

  I've been a total slug about blogging (again) lately, but I do have some stuff to show off, so here goes:

First off, I received my package from Another Little Quilt Swap (ALQS7), ably hosted by my friend Kate.  This year the quilts measured 12" x 12", and mine was made by Marie Joerger in New Hampshire. It's all batiks and looks even better in person than in the photo.

Somewhere recently I saw a blog post about these ruffled scarves, and watched a video on how to do them, and decided to try it out.  There are a number of companies making this style of yarn now and they are so amazingly quick (like one evening!) that I think they'll be my go-to holiday gift this year.

The lavender one is with Paton's Pirouette, and will be for a young niece.

The dark purple one is Katia's Triana, and  it's going to my hairdresser. I have a couple more to do as gifts, and then maybe one for me, too!

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Jaye said...

I have seen these scarves and love them...could you share the website? I'd love to make some!