Wednesday, November 28, 2012

alive and well

  I've been a total slug about blogging (again) lately, but I do have some stuff to show off, so here goes:

First off, I received my package from Another Little Quilt Swap (ALQS7), ably hosted by my friend Kate.  This year the quilts measured 12" x 12", and mine was made by Marie Joerger in New Hampshire. It's all batiks and looks even better in person than in the photo.

Somewhere recently I saw a blog post about these ruffled scarves, and watched a video on how to do them, and decided to try it out.  There are a number of companies making this style of yarn now and they are so amazingly quick (like one evening!) that I think they'll be my go-to holiday gift this year.

The lavender one is with Paton's Pirouette, and will be for a young niece.

The dark purple one is Katia's Triana, and  it's going to my hairdresser. I have a couple more to do as gifts, and then maybe one for me, too!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She's Got Ball *

Because I don't have enough crazy craft stuff going on in my life, I decided to take a class at the San Jose Quilt Museum in making Temari Balls -- I had seen and admired these for years and the class description made it sound reasonable. 


So -- it is an interesting process and I think the results are pretty cool even with the simplest of patterns. But I don't think I'm going to carry through with my idea of making them as holiday gifts for everyone!

*I love the crossword puzzles in the Sunday NY Times, and I'm always running about 3 months behind (saving them for my retirement, ha ha ha)  The last one I finished had the theme "Single-Minded" and it was full of silly puns like
"beginner magician's arsenal?" -- bag of trick 
"one who's read an encyclopedia's first volume?" -- man of letter

Hence the title of my post...

Friday, November 09, 2012

Three Down...

I am working on a couple of new things, but I decided to pause for a few minutes and finish up some easy projects before going further. So far there are three little finishes, and a couple more should follow soon-ish.

I won a big set of tic tac toe blocks in the block lotto some time ago, enough for two quilts.  The first one was done last year and used up the pink-red-orange part of the rainbow, and the second one in blues and greens just got finished. I'm thinking these might go as a set to my great niece/nephew for their first birthday next February.

And, when I started the 2012 rainbow scrap challenge, I thought I was going to make one baby quilt per month in the requisite color... I made it through three months, and I really want to finish the quilts and give them away before the holidays.  The first one done is "Pink".

"Green" just needs the binding sewn down, and "Red" still needs to be quilted.

Finally, decided to make a couple of table runners from a Martinique charm pack that was a birthday gift from Kate a couple of years ago. This skinny runner is for the top of my dining room cabinet, and shows off my small collection of pears and rhinoceroses.  There's a wider runner for my table that still needs quilting -- and now we're talking about painting the room, so I need to pick a color that goes with Martinique!

We're doing it again!

Crazy as it seems, I've decided it's time to start organizing another Cotton Robin, which will commence in January.   You can see how last year's projects turned out HERE -- they were pretty wonderful!

If you're interested in joining, or if you have any creative, reliable, quilty friends who might like to join in -- shoot me a comment or an email with your contact information.