Monday, October 15, 2012

PIQF Report

I can't go to a quilt show without posting a few photos!  It was a good show this year -- I know that because my camera kept beeping that I was out of disc space.  For some reason (laziness) I still had a million old quilt show photos that hadn't been deleted, so I managed to clean up the disc a little in the course of the day and I think I photographed about 80 quilts.

I watched one woman systematically walk around the show snapping a picture of every quilt. She didn't seem to actually look at them, which I thought was odd, and she was just using a little "point & shoot" camera so it was unlikely she was doing it for publication.  Hmm...

Anyway, here's a little gallery of some of my favorites for your enjoyment --

First up is Blue Squares by Marcia DeCamp of Palmyra, NY (64" square) -- I love the color play in this one and the interesting fabrics.
 Then there's Hippo Love by Janet Fogg of Milwaukie, OR (81" x 83") -- absolutely wonderful!
 Here's a close-up. This won a ribbon for use of color, but the quilting is terrific, too.

This is Best Man by Jean Jurgenson of Walnut Creek, CA. I really like the monochromatic subtlety of this piece, and the intimate feel of it.
Here is Reborn by Vicki Thompson of Mandeville, LA (53" x 46"). It's quite whimsical and I really like the controlled busyness and the splashes of color.
 One of my favorites -- Pigeonholed by Julie Schlueter of Orange, CA. Again, great use of color...
 This one is Regatta by Bernadette Mayr of Germany (88" x 73") -- I think I've posted her quilts from other shows. So subtle... and of course since my husband is a sailor it caught my eye! 
 Another bright one is Gloriosa Pigmentosa by Linda Waddle, who is somewhere in the California foothills.  I'm a sucker for almost anything with leaves, and I love these bright colors!
 Finally -- my friends will be shocked  (shocked!) by this choice and even I'm a bit surprised because I really don't like 30's repro fabrics at all -- in fact I was having a conversation on that subject on the way down to the show.  BUT: I think this is a charming quilt:
Although I might like it better if it were just one bouquet of balloons in a frame of some sort...  it is Balloon Bouquet by Gail Lysett of Castro Valley, CA.  The handwork was lovely -- applique, piecing and quilting.
I hope you've enjoyed the show!


Libby Fife said...

I think I like that first one the best. Great show so thank you!

Kate North said...

Thanks for sharing those - love that pigeon quilt.

silverwoodcircle said...

Looks like it was a great show! Of the ones posted, I like the first one best. I love the drama of the black and blue together.

jovaliquilts said...

I enjoyed seeing all these! Too bad I couldn't make it in person this year. Another time...