Sunday, October 07, 2012


It feels just the tiniest bit like fall here in the Bay Area. We had a little wave of scorching weather for a few days, but that went away when the fog came back. Today it's sunny and mild.  It always interests me that even in a place that "doesn't have seasons" there is still that one day where you know it's fall or know it's spring...

Remember this quilt top I showed a couple of weeks ago?

I decided that I didn't like the lower right corner -- it just seemed to "hot" with all that bright red.  I rummaged up another block from the swap that had gotten buried in the pile on my ironing board, and spent a few minutes swapping it out -- here's the do-over, which I find much more pleasing:

And I have to show off this little piggy that I made for Libby, who's recovering from surgery.  When I had my tonsils out at age 6, I took my Piglet doll to the hospital with me, and when I awoke from the surgery Piglet was there with a band-aid on his throat.

I have a vintage 1965 McCalls pattern of Winnie The Pooh animals (which I hadn't used since about 1968) so I decided that Libby needed a Piglet, too.Fun to make, but now I remember how fiddly those little seams are...

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Libby Fife said...

I blogged about my Piglet too! Thanks again-I bet those seams were fiddley!!:)

I like that lower corner better now too. It seemed too crowded to me and now it is a little more loose. Nice job and a great swap quilt.