Sunday, October 21, 2012

501st Post GiveAway!

I missed my 500th post, somehow, but I always like to celebrate prime numbers so -- but wait! 501 is NOT a prime number! Did you know that you can look up prime numbers from 1 to a million online?   Okay, now I have to pause and figure out what 501 is divisible by...  it's 3 x 167 and 167 is prime (remember that thing about adding up the digits in a number and if it's divisible by 3 then the whole number is divisible by 3?  5+0+1=6).

Okay, enough math for today.  I decided to go through my stash of patterns and pull out the ones that I knew I was never going to make and ones that I wasn't going to make another time.  Photos and descriptions below -- leave me a comment if there's anything that interests you.

Two different FQ quilts from American Legacy Quilts

Baby Cakes uses 10" squares and Scrap Assassin  uses assorted scraps

Lover's Knot and Touching Stars are traditional designs -- a little bit more complex than the others

McGuffey is a little one using charm squares and the Simplicity pattern is for a variety of totes using 5-quart or 5-gallon plastic buckets

Cake Mix uses 10" squares and Butterfly Blooms uses 2-1/2" strips

Finally, a little bit of holiday cheer: Trim the Tree is paper pieced on tissue foundations (included), and the other is for a table runner and card holder.

I hope some or all of these will find a home outside my sewing room!


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