Sunday, September 23, 2012

Productive weekend

Big joy! I'm caught up on my UFO challenges for the year, and nearly there on the rainbow scrap challenge, too!

This month's UFO task was to assemble an old set of batik swap blocks, and here's the result:
 I agonized quite a bit about the border -- trying hard to work from stash, but I just didn't have enough of anything that looked right.  I don't have any particular plans for this top, so it might go off to "Blankies for Grownups" one of these days.

The September color is ORANGE and I did put together a knot block for my rainbow quilt.  I got both blue and turquoise done last month, so I'm only a couple blocks from being done.  The yellow squares are already cut -- but what will the 9th block be?  I've thought about solid black, or solid white, (both too stark!) or a knot made of black and white prints, or all shades of gray...  your vote?


Libby Fife said...

How about red-violet or lime green? That's a great looking block though in any color:)

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I REMEMBER some of those swap blocks, don't I???? Nice solution.