Saturday, September 22, 2012


I was up in Portland for a couple of days for work and managed to sneak in a quick trip to the Quilt Expo there -- I had never been before and there were some interesting quilts and some not so much...

The set-up was odd: alternating rows of quilts and vendors rather than the more usual sections of quilts and sections of vendors.  The vendor aisles were spacious, but many of the quilt aisles were narrow and crowded, and it was hard to step back to get perspective.

This was one of my absolute favorites -- it's Oregon Grape 
by Jill Hoddick of Portland.

 And this is Blue Jay by Sonia Grasvik of Seattle

the construction of these feathers is amazing!

 Here is Danse Arabe by Marie Spadoro of Centerville, MA

And  Raspberry Pie by Hedda Wright of Battleground, WA.  Yum!

The quilts seemed to be arranged according to which guild the maker belonged to; my overall favorites were from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, although that display was all jammed together as though it was hung last and the crew had run out of room!  This is a sampler called Graphic made by members of the Portland Modern, from a set of solids provided by Michael Miller Fabrics -- definitely the coolest and most interesting sampler I've ever seen.

All in all, I'm happy to have gone, but not sure I'd make a special trip up there just for the show. 


Brenda said...

And did you see the Twelve by Twelve exhibit?!

floribunda said...

Yes, Brenda -- I had seen it in Long Beach a couple of months ago and enjoyed it again in Portland!