Sunday, August 05, 2012


  I keep thinking I'm just not in a sewing mood, even though I was away from the machine for nearly three weeks.  But -- I have managed to marshal some energy to finish up a top from last year.  It was part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I think the month was "Brown" or maybe "Neutral".  Anyway, I took all my brownish scraps and cut 2" strips and just stuck them up on the design board... and they stayed there for months, occasionally slipping to the floor if I walked by too briskly.  I added the orange to break up the monotony.  I finally started sewing them together a month ago, and today I finished up the border.

I think "Leftovers" is an appropriate name.

In knitty news, I also finished my Through-The-Loops summer mystery shawl. It's sort of too big for a scarf and too small (and thin) for much of a shawl-for-warmth, so I'm not really sure what it will be.  I love the yarn, though -- it's Lisa Souza sock yarn in "Bayberry".

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