Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hotel Story

 You know how I'm often amused by the hotels I stay in...funny pillow arrangements and all?  Well here are a couple of snaps from the Hyatt next to the Long Beach Convention Center  (actual quilt show content in the next post!)

First up is this ridiculous light fixture in the entry hall of our room:
 Really -- what's it all about? You could lift the apple out; Kathleen and I contemplated other things we could replace it with...  a handful of cherry tomatoes, for instance.

And the vending machine down the hall. Is this appetizing, or what? Just how old ARE those peanut butter crackers, anyway?
And finally, this link from Nancy's FB page for the 15 funniest autocorrects in text messages for July. It had us in tears (of laughter). Warning: there's some strong language in case you're likely to be offended, and don't read this at work because you'll truly make a spectacle of yourself!


Kay said...

Love the light fixture, and the link! I'll be waiting for those quilts pictures too.

Libby Fife said...

That is a creepy light fixture. Thanks too for the laugh on the auto correct. So much for spell check and proof reading in general I guess.