Saturday, June 09, 2012

lots of finishes!

I still can't show you the Cotton Robin I finished, nor the fabulous one I received this week... but I can show these!

Biggest first: I'm calling this "Antipodes 1", and it's made from a small stack of fabric I collected on my trip to New Zealand several years ago. The stack languished in my cupboard, waiting for inspiration -- when I saw Elizabeth Hartman's pattern "Avalon" in the International Quilt Festival magazine last winter I knew it was the perfect thing.  (here's Elizabeth's post about the quilt)  I had just enough in my FQs to cut what I needed, and as always, her cutting instructions were impeccable!

This was quilted by Sue Mary Fox of Textile Dreams in Berkeley.

Next up is a row robin from 2008, done by my little online group. Of course I can't remember who contributed to this!  I'm calling it "Orange Thing" until someone gives me a better suggestion. 

Finally, a little project I found when cleaning out the close last weekend. This was started in a guild workshop that involved painting and inking on fabric. I wish I could recall the instructor's name but it's escaped me.  This one is "High Summer", and I have some more pieces from the class still waiting to be played with.


Anonymous said...

Suggestion for 'Orange Thing'title is "Life in the Square"

Barbara C said...

Antipodes 1 is a great looking graphic quilt and a nice showcase for your special fabrics. Beautiful quilting too!

Darcie said...

Oooh! Love that little inking study! It gives me ideas....

Antipodes 1 is fabulous...and the quilting equally so! I love its modern feel juxtaposed with the curvy nature of the quilting.

Kate North said...

Orange Crush? I love the panto used to quilt your Antipodes I... (the quilt is lovely as well, mind you)