Saturday, June 30, 2012

and... he's off! again!

Those of you who've read this blog for a while may remember that my wild and crazy husband did a sailboat race across the Pacific a couple of years ago... by himself on a 30-foot boat.  Well, he's doing it again, and it started today.  I've basically been a sailing widow for the last couple of months while he's upgraded a few things, tinkered, fiddled, obsessed, and so on -- but he was pretty relaxed this morning and was first over the starting line for his division -- a good omen even if there are 2,122 miles to the end!

Aside from the crowd of well-wishers at the yacht club, there was this solitary, algae-covered jellyfish...  bizarre and interesting to watch.

Monday, June 25, 2012

a few tiny rants, no quilting

Are there things that you experience in daily life that, when they happen, you think "OMG, I HATE that!" and you have to tell someone how much you hate it?  So these are just a few random things I've been saving up to tell someone. 

- 2 days a week I ride a commute bus into the city for work. I like to sit near the front of the bus so I don't get queasy and I get on the bus about halfway through its route.  So I get on the bus and at least the first 8 rows have one person in each seat with their crap piled next to them so that you can't sit down without having some sort of confrontation and them sighing and rolling their eyes and muttering rude things about you.  I don't like confrontation, especially first thing in the morning. What makes these jerks (polite word for what they really are) think that they're so special that they get their own private seats on public transportation?  By the way, they cross all lines of gender, age, ethnicity, race...

- at one of the offices I work in, there's a guy in the next set of cubicles who has allergy issues. Not a big deal, so do I -- but he sneezes about 15 times a day, these HUGE WET sneezes that you can just imagine spraying everything on his desk. Creeps me out...    Dude, get the handkerchief out before you sneeze!

- and don't get me started about the whole guys-wearing-pants-that fall-down-around-their-asses thing, a "fashion" that should have died a painful death years ago. I've read several theories about how this got started, none of which help me to understand why it's still so popular.

Had enough?  Next time... quilting!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Robin is Revealed

Tonight was the Big Reveal over at the Cotton Robin... all of the quilts are "home" at last, and you can see them here.

To tempt you, here's a picture of the fabulous quilt that was made from my center block:

There were definitely times in the last few months where I was happy that certain participants lived too far away for me to strangle, but I learned a couple of lessons and it all came together in the end.  One of these days I just may be crazy enough to do it again!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

lots of finishes!

I still can't show you the Cotton Robin I finished, nor the fabulous one I received this week... but I can show these!

Biggest first: I'm calling this "Antipodes 1", and it's made from a small stack of fabric I collected on my trip to New Zealand several years ago. The stack languished in my cupboard, waiting for inspiration -- when I saw Elizabeth Hartman's pattern "Avalon" in the International Quilt Festival magazine last winter I knew it was the perfect thing.  (here's Elizabeth's post about the quilt)  I had just enough in my FQs to cut what I needed, and as always, her cutting instructions were impeccable!

This was quilted by Sue Mary Fox of Textile Dreams in Berkeley.

Next up is a row robin from 2008, done by my little online group. Of course I can't remember who contributed to this!  I'm calling it "Orange Thing" until someone gives me a better suggestion. 

Finally, a little project I found when cleaning out the close last weekend. This was started in a guild workshop that involved painting and inking on fabric. I wish I could recall the instructor's name but it's escaped me.  This one is "High Summer", and I have some more pieces from the class still waiting to be played with.