Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pink Day!

In the scrappy rainbow calendar, this is PINK month, and I have now fulfilled my pink promises!  I spent the afternoon sewing with friends and here are my Pink Knot block

and my Pink Lemonade top
Now waiting impatiently for April's color selection...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

what is my problem?

I seem to be suffering from attention-deficit disorder.  Look at this  block -- notice anything wrong?  I didn't, until after I had taken the picture and downloaded it! Luckily it's in a spot that will be fairly easy to fix.

And then this one:
The corner blocks were supposed to be set like the one in the upper right, but somehow I decided they should be the other way, but then I couldn't even make a mistake correctly (!)  I think I do actually like them the "wrong" way, so I only have one to rip out and re-sew.

first things first

Is this not the most adorable baby picture ever? It's grand-niece Mia, trying out her car-seat!  She's up to 5-1/2 pounds now and will probably be going home this week -- her brother will follow shortly after.  I absolutely can't wait to start sewing clothes for her!

And, on the quilty front, I finished up a UFO that was actually on my challenge list from October or so last year, and then from January of this year...
It's made from some Mola fabric -- I think it was by Andover -- from at least 6 or 7 years ago.  

Thursday, March 01, 2012

stockings - are they a fit for you?

Here are several overlapping photos of my 17 (I think) wonky stocking swap blocks.  They're all supposed to be in sizes that are divisible by 2" -- and you can tell they've been crumpled up in a drawer for a few months...
Seriously -- if anyone is feeling the love (or luv) for these, I'm inclined to mail them off to you post-haste. Or at least as hasty as the post office can muster these days.  I'll even press them before they go in the envelope!