Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three little items from my closet

I spent some time this morning rooting around in the sewing cupboard and trying to put things away and reorganize. In the process, I found three little project-starts that I probably won't ever take further -- so I'm offering them up to you, my faithful readers, in case something strikes your fancy!

First up is some scrappy strip-piecing on 2" adding machine tape. (spoken for!)
 Next is a set of 12 blocks from an "almost Amish" swap. They measure 9.5", mostly, and are made from black fabrics with bright tone-on-tone. (spoken for!)
 Finally, a little applique project from a "Piece 'O Cake" pattern called Cornucopia. This set includes the pattern, and the pieces I traced but didn't cut yet.  I'll make sure there's enough of the fabrics I used to cut all the pieces. (spoken for!)
If you're interested in any of these goodies, just let  me know!  If there's a barrage of requests, I'll pick a number.  I'd prefer to mail just within the U.S., though...


Jeanne said...

Happy 2012!
I'd love to put those Amish blocks together with some borders for a comfort quilt :)

Miki Willa said...

I am wanting to do more applique, so if that project is still available, I would love to try it.
Thanks for sharing these.