Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three little items from my closet

I spent some time this morning rooting around in the sewing cupboard and trying to put things away and reorganize. In the process, I found three little project-starts that I probably won't ever take further -- so I'm offering them up to you, my faithful readers, in case something strikes your fancy!

First up is some scrappy strip-piecing on 2" adding machine tape. (spoken for!)
 Next is a set of 12 blocks from an "almost Amish" swap. They measure 9.5", mostly, and are made from black fabrics with bright tone-on-tone. (spoken for!)
 Finally, a little applique project from a "Piece 'O Cake" pattern called Cornucopia. This set includes the pattern, and the pieces I traced but didn't cut yet.  I'll make sure there's enough of the fabrics I used to cut all the pieces. (spoken for!)
If you're interested in any of these goodies, just let  me know!  If there's a barrage of requests, I'll pick a number.  I'd prefer to mail just within the U.S., though...

Friday, December 30, 2011

UFOs past and future

Yeah, yeah, it's time to show off what I finished in 2011 and confess to the ridiculous number of unfinished objects that remain.  All of the photos below are quilts that I finished except the "red squares"  which I donated to Blankies for Grownups as a flimsy for someone else to quilt. Three quilts were sold, two were gifted, and two were swapped.
My plan for 2012 is to do something with all the sets of blocks I've accumulated over the last few years, due to my addiction to the Block Lotto and random swaps and BOM projects. Here's my list:
- batik leaf blocks (2011)
- plaid/yellow BOM blocks (birthday swap 2011)
- checkerboard lotto blocks (2011)
- Friday block party -- at least 3 quilts' worth, maybe 4  (2010)
- black/multicolor blocks (birthday swap maybe 2009?)
- signature swap blocks (2009 or 2010)
- black & purple diamonds (2010 or 2011)
- Japanese sampler blocks
- log cabin block party blocks (2010)
- color blocks (swap in 2009 or 2010)
- stocking blocks (swap in 2011)
- maple leaf lotto blocks (2009?)
- black & batik swap blocks (old...)
- house blocks (birthday swap 2009?)

Wow -- that looks insane when I see it on the screen!  I might have to rethink this...  maybe a virtual garage sale?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

all things in moderation

Since many of my comments these days seem to be spam, I'm moving to moderated comments for a while...  the essay vendors have expanded into cruises to places I don't want to go and pharmaceuticals I don't need and it's just too annoying!  Blogger, of course, is no help. 

Thanks for your patience.

sewn objects

This doesn't count as stuff actually quilted, but I have done quite a bit of sewing lately...

First up is a top I'm calling "Junior Executive". It's a disappearing 4-patch made from a couple of charm packs of an older Moda line called "City Traditions" -- looks like shirts and ties to me, and will make a great boy-baby quilt one of these days.
And then there's this set of blocks of the month from a Yahoo group I've been with for several years -- I picked the plaid out of my stash last January and used a different yellow each month.  I have a plan to set these with a sort of Attic Windows sashing.
 Next up is the "Oh My Stars" block of the month from -- this was sort of a pain because the instructions were often late and had mistakes. I didn't really like my version until I got the second border on this afternoon; now it all ties together for me.  This will be a gift one of these days for an uber-nerdy, eagle scout nephew!
And last but not least -- here is Dorothy Young's Xmas mystery for this year. I made the "baby" size, which is about 40" x 40" and the pattern was terrific to do!
I was going to add one more picture, but blogger is acting up for a change and deletes my photos as soon as I upload them... too bad it can't be as diligent about deleting all the spam comments I get!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

delayed gratification

Heavens, it's been forever since I posted. I wish I could say it's because I was so busy with the holidays, but really I was busy mostly avoiding them!

I told my youngest brother, who has 4 kids, that I was celebrating Twelfth Night this time instead of Christmas, since I just couldn't get myself together to shop/make/mail anything on time. Pathetic.  Once I told him, the weight lifted and I've been super productive, though.

There are two hats done, a scarf, 6 flannel pillowcases, and one of a set of fingerless mitts.  What's left is one hat, one mitt, and a duvet-cover for my niece's heavy quilt. (by the way, she's slept under it every night for 2 years now...)  Photos are one mitt, and a Candy Corn hat, which I've been wanting to make for years.

I also made my annual batch of marshmallows -- yum!    And I'll have some quilting to show you shortly.

You can see that there's going to be some straight-line quilting in my future; I asked Al for a new roll of masking tape and this is what he came up with! One of each size...  what a champ!

Friday, December 09, 2011

finished objects

I am determined to quilt up at least one more UFO before the end of the year, since I'm doing pretty well so far with the "challenge".  Here's the latest:
It's from a Dorothy Young mystery at the end of 2009, and I call it "Monkey Town". I think it includes what is the last of my Funky Monkey fabric, which showed up in several quilts! I am a big fan of Dorothy's mysteries, as I may have mentioned before. They're very well written and not usually too intense.  Unfortunately she's only been doing one a year for the last couple of years.  If you're interested, there will be this year's starting around Christmas -- you can get the details by joining her Yahoo group called "A Pocket Full of Mysteries" 

And, I finished my never-ending brown wool scarf, so I can move onto something more colorful. I bought this one skein of wool in a small Wisconsin town; it was spun from the shop-owner's own sheep (hmm -- that doesn't sound right)  and I made up the pattern myself.  It looks pretty masculine too me, and since DH won't wear a scarf I think it will have to be gifted to one of my brothers!

Last call for robineers!

I'm getting all the ducks (robins?) in a row for the round robin that will start in January, so if you're interested you need to sign up quick!  Head over to the robin blog, check out the guidelines, and get in touch.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Round Robin -- come on down!

I've set up a new blog for the round robin, at Cotton Robin.  Come over and check out the guidelines...

Those of you who have already written to me -- I'll be contacting you this weekend, except for those whose email preferences are set to "no reply".  This includes:
Janet H in AZ

Please make sure that when you contact me you include an email address, even if it's in the body of your message!