Monday, November 21, 2011

Raptured in Jersey City... or Going Postal


Remember my story last week about how my Priority mail package spent two days sitting in Pennsylvania and then went 400 miles away to Jersey City on the way from Ohio to California?  

Well, then it sat in Jersey City for almost 4-1/2 days.  I decided that my fabric choices were so stellar that the package had been Raptured!  But then to my surprise the Post Office finally found the box sitting in a corner somewhere this morning and shunted it off 7 miles to Kearny. At least it's moving west now...

Note that the tracking page still shows an expected delivery date of last Thursday.


sophie said...

I recently ordered a book from an Amazon "partner." My choice was based on proximity (Amazon said they were in Texas) and my need to get it right away. They weren't in Texas. They waited a week to ship it ... AND despite the $$ I paid for shipping, it came book rate so took forever.

Ironically, it was for something I was supposed to work on at the (contract) job I no longer have ;-)

There's no accounting for HOW something may be shipped to you or HOW LONG it could take.

Pat said...

I've had a similar experience with an Amazon "partner". Amazon itself, however, is stellar.