Thursday, November 03, 2011

new socks!

I recently bought a few socks' worth of yarn from a blog-friend who was doing some de-stashing... not that I didn't already have quite a few socks' worth of yarn in the cupboard!  Anyway, this Limerick green yarn pretty much leapt onto the needles -- it is my absolute favorite green and seems to be very hard to find in yarn.  The socks are just plain stockinette, with a few odd rows of purls thrown in for no good reason. The weather has turned a bit chilly this evening: perfect timing!

Things are a bit crazy in my town these days, what with a near-constant "Occupation" going on, intermittent marches around the downtown area, random bands of idiots breaking windows and spray-painting buildings.  As a registered, Berkeley-raised, bleeding heart liberal, I absolutely agree that the 1% should pay more taxes and the 99% should have more support -- but damn -- how does disrupting commerce for all the struggling businesses in town help that cause?


imquilternity said...

That is a beautiful green and it makes beautiful socks! I like a simple stockinette sock...they're really comfortable and it showcases the yarn anyway.

Barbara C said...

Great socks: what a beautiful color!

DPUTiger said...

I love those socks and the green is just about perfect. Enjoy your warm toes! :)