Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've Been Orange

It's been a long time since I posted -- I've done some sewing in the last couple of days, though.  It's Orange month in the scrappy challenge, as I mentioned before, and I managed to use up almost all my small pile of scraps on this cute table-runner.  I found it while googling "pumpkin quilt pattern" and it's here at The Plaid Scottie and it's 12" x 60".  I'm planning some quick meandering quilting and orange binding.  The background is something I hadn't used before, called chambray.  I like the linen look of it, but it's quite floppy, and almost feels like sewing with rayon. I might go back for some in a brighter color for a shirt, but probably not for another quilt project.

I have a ton of photos from PIQF last week that I finally downloaded, and I'm hoping to post a few favorites tomorrow in between some more sewing and power-washing the brick patio before the moss takes over completely!


scraphappy said...

That is super cute. What a fun way to use up orange scraps. The pumpkins look super happy with the range of colors and different sizes.

Julie in the Barn said...

Really adorable, Julie. I've still got a small pile of oranges and some Halloween scraps to use up someday. Those scrappy pumpkins would be just the ticket.

ps:Next time I'm bringing back a can of Spam Mac Nuts just for you!

my v-word is ilikkie...sounds rather like a description of the taste in Hawaiian, no?