Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1 7/8

Tonight I finished up Yello Kitty, and I think it's pretty stinkin' cute...
And I allllllmost finished a UFO from a couple of years ago -- it just needs the binding, which I haven't dug out of the stash yet. It's a pattern called "Mosaic Tile" and it was a Dorothy Young mystery from her Yahoo list which has been quiet for a while.  Any suggestions for a new name for this one?
I did more quilting than usual on both of these, although it's hard to see in the photos. My free-motion stitches are getting more even and I'm less jerky -- but I still need to perfect the tension on the back.  Practice, shmactice, right?

Friday I'm off to the wilds of Madison, Wisconsin for a visit to the in-laws and (I'm hoping!) some walleye.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A clean desk is...

This is what my neighbor's desk looks like when she goes home at night:
and this is what my desk looks like:
what does this mean?

moderation in all things

I'm going to go back to having word verification on my comments for a while, because I've suddenly been deluged with spam from "thesis writers" and other bogus outfits...  it was okay when Blogger filtered them out, but that doesn't seem to be happening anymore.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

down on the farm

I have some odd little collections of fabric, one of which is fruits and vegetables.  (a subset of this is cherries, but that's another story...)  Over the years I've made several "edible" quilts and tops, and now here's another one.

This used up a variety of little leftovers, and since it includes various farm animals I'm calling it "down on the farm".  It's based on a pattern called "Cake Mix" and since I didn't really plan it out, it ended up larger than I expected.

Piggies -- one of my favorites!

I've got several smaller quilts pinned for quilting so I'm hoping to have some finished objects to brag about soon.

In the meantime, here's a lovely little rose from my neighbor's yard -- looks like it's trying to peek over the top of the house to see what's going on at the front!
Has anyone tried the "updated blogger interface" ?  I just noticed the link at the top of the screen

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's the weekend...

Lots of odds and ends here, and a tiny rant to top it all off!

Last night we went to an interesting venue... it's called The Great Wall of Oakland, and it's a big, mostly blank wall on a building that's probably 8 stories tall. Apparently once a month they close the street (it's right downtown) and show movies or videos on the wall, and people bring chairs or blankets and sit in the street to watch.

The was a special performance by a group called "Bandaloop", who hung from the top of the building on ropes and danced a sort of modern ballet on the side of the building 4-5-6 stories up. There was live music go with the dancing. It was fascinating!  I was taking photos with the iphone, which didn't really do it justice...  the shadows they cast were really interesting, and you had the feeling you were watching a ballet from overhead.  If you have a chance to see them perform somewhere, do it!

I finished up my Caterpillar socks this morning -- just in time for the weather to warm up again. I have the next sock project picked out and ready to start.

Today, for some reason, I decided I needed a little retail therapy. I hadn't actually been in a fabric shop for ages and my excuse was I needed some easy-threading needles since the brand I had (Dritz -- don't buy them!) kept shredding my thread.  I wanted John James or Fons & Porter, which had been highly recommended...

I did eventually find the needles, but I also found a little fabric, including this:
 Have I mentioned my small obsession with rhinos? Can't explain it, really. If you run across interesting rhino fabric, let me know!

But that brings me to my little rant.  Part of the fabric I bought was to make myself a shirt.  I haven't actually made clothes for a while but I have a stack of recent patterns from one of the Joanns' sales and so I started pinning when I got home. Here's the question: why on earth do they still give yardage and layout instructions for "45 inch fabric" when no one has made 45 inch fabric for years?  Everything was fine until I got to the sleeves, which would lay out fine on 45" fabric but not on the 42" that my fabric actually measures!  (yeah I know, I can open up the fabric and cut them separately, slightly staggered, blah blah blah -- but that's not the point!)

Tomorrow: more sewing. Yay!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

lots o' tops

It's been a good weekend for finishing up some flimsies! Three, as a matter of fact -- or maybe 2.9, since one needs a simple border added.
First up is top #2 from the tic-tac-toe blocks I won last year (I think) on the block lotto. The first quilt has been done for a while and I blogged it here.

Next up is my finished top for a swap coming up soon -- although I'm liking this a lot and it might be hard to give up...  It measures about 24" square.

Last but not least is the "Oh My Stars" top (minus the last border) from Planet Patchwork's block of the month this year.  It's been a frustrating project because the blocks are being posted later and later each month, with no explanation, and there are numerous errors that don't get corrected even when they're pointed out...  I finally decided to draft the last few months' blocks in EQ and finish it up on my own.  Have to admit I'm not thrilled with it now it's put together, but I'm hoping to like it better once it's quilted and gifted to one of my nephews!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Cherry Pie

I have a ton of sets of blocks that have accumulated over the years (notice how I put that in the passive voice...) from swaps, block of the month projects, the lotto, and heaven knows where else -- and they're making me a little bit crazy! 

I'm in a tiny Yahoo group that's been doing a BOM for the last couple of years and after I finished up this year's blocks for August and September I decided to dig  through the drawer and revisit last year's set. 

Somehow I got a bee in my bonnet about them, and the result is "Cherry Pie".
I'm a bit tired of the "rectangular-sampler-with-sashing" layout, but it is a quick and effective way to deal with this sort of collection.  I did the one below a few years ago with a more exotic layout (and it was much more of a PITA, I might add) so I guess I need to find the happy medium...
On to the next stack!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

bits and pieces

It's been pretty quiet here on the ol' blog, but a few things have been going on behind the scenes...

I made up nine blocks for the September block lotto -- love these curvy batik rails!

And I finished a sock, and immediately started the second one!  It's a modified version of the Caterpillar Sock, from Misty Alpaca yarn.

Finally: watch this space! This is the beginning of a sort-of-secret small quilt project that needs to get finished soon. Everyone's been doing those 36-patch quilts (my favorite so far is here) so I decided to play along but in a half-sized version. This is a 6-inch block, with more to follow.