Sunday, July 03, 2011

Surrender Dorothy

 I've been trying to resist, but it was ultimately futile. "It" is the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt that everyone and her sister seems to be doing. I'm a sucker for sampler quilts.  You would think that after doing Nearly Insane, I would be cured of quilts with 111 6-inch blocks, but you'd obviously be mistaken.

So, I wandered into Joann's yesterday to replace my very old and pitted cutting mat, and look! They had the Farmer's Wife book front & center and 40% off.

I couldn't decide whether to do the blocks in numerical order (blah) or in the order they appear in the book (predictable!) so I got my geek on and made an excel spreadsheet with numbers 1-111 and cut them out and put them in this container that was sitting around empty -- so when I want to make a block I can just pick a number, and then mark it off in the computer when it's done.

I picked two to start -- #45 and #49.  Of course the real question is fabric -- what am I going to make this out of?  I had fun cleaning out a closet a couple of days ago and decided it was time to dig through the box of dressmaking fabrics * and found this beautiful paisley:
I think it might be Liberty, but it's been there for a long time! It's a lovely soft cotton, only 36" wide. Does anyone recognize it?  Anyway, I decided to build the sampler around it.  Stay tuned for the first blocks.

If anyone wants a copy of my spreadsheet to use for your own quilt, let me know.

* I opened up an Etsy shop and listed some fabrics for sale; most are rayon, and they'd be great for  blouses, flowy dresses, harem pants... take a look if you're like to make clothing!

3 comments: said...

Hi Stranger...
I too am doing the FW blocks. I thought it would be easier to start with #1 and work my way down but then I hit a snag. So, I started following the Marti Michell emails in the order she is sending them to us and i'm jumping all over the place.
I have 32 blocks done I think.
I started a new project today but I will definitely go back to the FW's next week.
I'll have to keep up with your progress.

Anonymous said...

A friend and I discovered we both have this book and have both been thinking about starting this. It's interesting to see all the bloggers who are now working on this project and seeing their progress. Thanks for giving that little extra nudge to get this started.

Kate North said...

I knew you'd succumb :) I'll be interested to see how your blocks progress!