Sunday, July 24, 2011

small rant, What a Girl Wants and scrappy Sunday

 The new Blogger editing process is still making me nuts... my signature just sits there at the top of the page and won't move over to let me type. It seems to take me twice as long to write a new post as it used to because I have to keep manhandling the photos and signature block. Please tell me it's not just me! (and why did my margin just change?)

The first photo is a little UFO I just finished. It's called "What a Girl Wants". The strip blocks  are from a swap a couple of years ago, and several of the others are from a much older swap.

Is anyone out there going to Long Beach next weekend?  Every year I say I'm not going to go the next year, but  then I do -- want to meet up for a coffee?

It's still red-white-blue month in the rainbow scrap challenge, and I got this little top put together today. It still needs a border, which I haven't rummaged for yet. 


June D said...

Very cute projects! I was going to say I like the bottom best (as I'm thinking about rectangles for the Liberated Round Robin) but then I look up again and see the What Every Girl Wants - and that is so cute too with all the details in the images and the triangles. So you have two winners!

: )

Kay said...

Enjoy Long Beach if you go. I think my Hoffman Challenge quilt is there, but obviously I won't be!

Angela said...

I really love how your 'post and rail' quilt is coming out