Sunday, July 31, 2011

a few of my favorite quilts

(forgot to mention that these are favorites from the Long beach International Quilt Festival)

I'll start out with my most favorite! This is a big quilt -- probably 80 x 80. It's "My Double Wedding Ring" by Keiko Goke of Japan. I love that it's both traditional and modern, and the quilting is wonderful!

Here's a close-up of one bit -- she used a whole bunch of different fillers and doodles, and then added some feather-stitch for an extra treat.

 Next up is "Concentricity" by Cheryl Lynch of Pennsylvania. Really interesting fabrics and graphics.

Here's a detail:

This one is "Roses - Sun and Shadow" by B. Lynn Tubbe of California.  It is stunning in real life!

 Here is "A Parliament of Owls" by Carol Goddu of Canada.  I think she might have used something like Julie Hirota's "Art Glass Quilts" technique, but I'm not sure...
One more -- blogger is making me crazy again!  This was one of the Hoffman Challenge quilts -- it's Asian Jade" by Kay Pennington of California. I love that she used the challenge fabric as bokchoy leaves -- they're perfect!
I wanted to add a few more, but blogger has decided not to let me, for some reason...  hope you enjoyed the show!


Kay said...

Those really are wonderful quilts; you seem to like circles. I've admired the bokchoy one before in pictures of the Hoffmans. It's such an original idea, and I love the color scheme. (The colors are like the ones in mine except more grayed--I guess that's why I like it.) Thanks for the posts.

Quiltedtime said...

Wow! Thank you for posting a pic of my bok choy quilt. And big points to you for knowing your Asian vegetables!
I will add your blog as a favorite.

Kay P.