Saturday, June 11, 2011

a zombie ate my yarn

Isn't this a lovely sock? I bought the yarn from a local dyer at the fiber festival a year or two ago -- it's called "Zombie Apocalypse". Only trouble is... I wound the skein into two balls, and now that I've finished the first sock the second ball has completely disappeared! Aaaargh -- I've looked everywhere. I even asked Al if he had seen it . (He was kind enough to NOT say a word about my overgrown yarn, fabric, etc. stash and no wonder I couldn't find it, but then don't get me started about the condition of the basement and garage!)

I figure someday 20 years from now when we move into assisted living, the extra ball will turn up...

I have two nephews turning 4 this year, and that seems like the perfect age for a super-hero cape! One of them got mailed off already, but here's the second -- all done ahead of time for a July birthday:

Both of the boys have names starting with "G" so I got enough practice with that letter. The inside of this cape has fabric that's actually supposed to be sunflower leaves, but I thought it looked sort of mysterious-magical!

I found the pattern online at the Longthread site-- lots of cool ideas there.


Marla said...

I laughed outloud at the zombie eating your yarn.....THanks for the cape link!

Kay said...

Those capes are such a great idea! My boys loved being super heroes. At a fancy art/craft show in Chicago last Christmas I bought my grandsons capes made out of giant beach-size towels with a button closure and their initials on the back. I thought that was the most brilliant idea. I could have made them of course, but it's easier to buy. You're obviously more dedicated :)

Barbara C said...

I love those capes. Every kid would love a personalized superhero uniform. What a great idea. I sympathize with you about your sock yarn. It's yet another reason why making socks isn't for those of us with short attention spans. The yarn/needles/other sock are a lot to keep track of.