Sunday, May 29, 2011

a little pink finish

I'm still thinking about the borders for the purple/black & white diamonds so I decided to work on a couple of other quilting jobs. The first up -- smallest first -- was my Pink quilt for the rainbow scrap challenge. I did some wonky feathers in the braids and straight lines in the sashing. Then I decided to try a two-color binding technique that a friend had described:

Basically, you sew two different widths of long strips of binding together, fold in half, and apply to the back of the quilt like regular binding. When you flip it around to the front -- voila! -- you have a narrow flange of a contrast color. You stitch in the seam between the two colors. Very easy, and I know I'll be using this technique again.

I had instructions in a commercial pattern from Barbs Elegant Designs, but I also found a tutorial here.

Sorry for the lousy photo quality -- I can't seem to get the lightest pink to not wash out without making everything else muddy.

Tomorrow -- a much needed cut & color, and hoping to get the teal strippy quilt quilted. It might end up with a two-color binding too...

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