Thursday, May 26, 2011

Design Wall Thursday

Why do design walls always have to be on Monday? And why has Blogger started loading photos in random order? It always used to be that the last one you entered would be on top of the page, but it seems to be scrambling them now. Must have been the last "upgrade"...

Anyway, back to the wall. I think I have all the blocks done for this one, and now that I look at the picture I can see at least one area where I have some of them turned the wrong way. One of my errands this weekend will be to find something to use for the setting triangles -- I think it will be something black & white to sort of fade into the background, but I'm not sure yet.
After I took the photo this morning I looked out the window and saw this:which is just the shimmery effect I want in my quilt!

On the yarn front, WendyKnits is having a summer mystery knit-along for a small shawl. I always love a mystery and I've never really knit lace before, so I decided to join in. I had a rocky time with the first dozen rows and ended up starting over. Now I'm using stitch markers (I was too cool to use them the first time) and things are going much better.

The pattern starts at the wide end of the triangle and gets smaller as you go along, which is a very nice way to work. I've kept up so far, but there's quite a bit to do before the final instruction sheet is posted next Thursday. It's not too late to jump in... and there's a group on Ravelry with lots of chatter and photos.


Elsie Montgomery said...

Like that quilt... and your knitting is looking great too. Hard to beat nature though. What a nice view from your window!

Dianne said...

The quilt looks amazing, Jiulie. And I really love the look of the lace. May need to add that one to the queue!

imquilternity said...

Your quilt is wonderful. I love the colors you've used and that lace is absolutely gorgeous! I haven't knit lace before so I commend you for doing it. Can't wait to see the finished item.

Regarding photos in Blogger. When you create your post you can always click on the "html" tab and cut and paste your photos where you want them to be. It's really pretty easy.

Kay said...

I like the quilt, and I think you're getting the shimmery effect. Different values and shades do that.

As for irons, I currently have a Sunbeam Steam Master, which I bought recently. I like it because it has an automatic shutoff, but it stays on long enough that I'm not constantly restarting it. The steam is good too, so far. I also have an older, cheaper Sunbeam which actually gets hotter, but I don't use it much because of lack of auto off. I don't trust myself. Anyway, Sunbeam seems to be a good brand if you have to go to another one.