Wednesday, April 20, 2011

up and running

The nightmare appears to be over! Of course I didn't get the very first ATT appointment on Monday as promised... in fact the guy didn't show up until almost 1:30 and after a couple more hours of me trying not to lose it on the phone. We finally had the phones working at about 3:00.

Somewhere along the line our Tuesday appointment for installation of the internet service got changed to Wednesday -- no one asked, of course! But the guy showed up within his allotted time-frame today and we now have this little blinking gadget on the counter and all is well.
This is the only other part of the office worth showing off at the moment -- I've actually kept this plant alive and (mostly) happy for 3 years now.
I've been working on some purple quilting (is that like purple prose?) for the scrap challenge and a little IBOL project, and getting things tidied up for a jewelry and quilt show at my house this weekend. A former neighbor makes wonderful bead and wire jewelry and is hoping to sell some; I have a few quilts I wouldn't mind selling but mostly I think it will be everyone asking "how long does it take you to make a quilt?"... and the other usual stuff.


Julie in the Barn said...

I sympathize. Getting service for any utility up here takes hours on trephine. That's hard to do when it's the phone that's the problem!

Julie in the Barn said...

Damn spellchecker! It's "telephone". What the heck is trephine?

Vicki W said...

Glad your nightmare is over!

Anonymous said...

After reading your last posting, I looked up ATT customer service. They raved about their CS on that website. I would be tempted to send them that post and ask them why they don't consider letting the customer know of problems and missed times or changed times as part of their CS, if I were you. Glad that everything is working for you now. Good luck with selling your quilts. Thanks for sharing.