Friday, April 08, 2011

off topic

I'm just sitting here amusing myself while on the phone with ATT. We're moving our office 2 floors up next week, and just transferring two phone lines and the internet service is a 45-minute process -- not counting the time I'm going to spend next Friday waiting for technicians to show up!

Apparently our current internet service is no longer available, so we need a new modem and a separate technician. And a separate account number and separate bills each month! But for some reason they're showing service already installed in the new suite (which has been vacant for several months) but referenced to a different suite number on a different floor, so the whole thing is gummed up, to put it nicely. We don't function well without internet...

The thing about ATT is that they always sound SO competent on the phone but then some part of the process always goes horribly wrong in execution. I think it took at least 10 calls to get everything set up correctly when we moved in here 3 years ago. One can only hope!


Pat said...

That's why my hubby bought Verizon stock.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Sometimes the only positive thing is to say "God is sending me another patience builder." Hang in there. This too shall pass! :-D